Members Briefing

Members Briefing

Dear colleagues,

On 5th July 2020, new executive members of our group were set up to steer the ship of the group for the next one year. Since then, the exco has started making moves.

In order to have our formation placed properly, the exco decided that the group needs a name that will represent every member cadres and will be presentable anywhere, even outside the service. The member cadres are Program Analyst, Computer Assistant and Data Processing.

After so many discussions and considerations, we came up with the name Body of Computer Cadres in the Unified Local Governments of Lagos State (BCLG) thereafter a website was created for the group; and two email addresses with the domain name. The website is still under construction. (check it, and share ideas on what should be on it)

The exco has had meetings with some key officers at the commission, where the discussions were mainly on the introduction of the body, the underutilization of officers in the computer cadres, and the request for the creation of ICT Units in the LGs and LCDAs, which is the solution to the problem of our underutilization. We have also sent letters to this effect…..we can see a bright light at the end of this tunnel.

We intend to keep making moves, as we intend to meet more concerned people, and also have it in a plan to visit and speak with some Chairmen of LGs and LCDAs… still on the ICT Unit creation struggle.

On this note, it high time we really come together under this one group, with an equal sense of belonging. One of the assignments the new exco has taken up is the harmonization of every member of the group to one WhatsApp platform.

To this end, the oldest WhatsApp group ever created for this group was adopted by the exco as the umbrella platform, and every member will be added to it.

All the officers in the three computer cadres(Program Analyst, Computer Assistant and Data Processing) will be added to this group, where issues of general interest will be discussed.

Special appreciation to every individual that has in one way or another taking step towards the formation and standing of this group, and those that have in their own way and with their personal resources done something on the cause of our Unit creation….. It is time to bring everyone and every resource together for stronger results…may God help and bless us.

Feedback is always welcomed anytime.

Thank you and best regard.

Ahmed ‘Bola TIJANI mncs.
President, BCLG

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